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It is very hard to remember the world without internet connectivity;

Currently, the weblog has changed dramatically into extremely powerful communication. There is enough number of bloggers who are happy to oblige to breaking news or insider point of view. It is not a surprise that a tech world has embraced the blogosphere far beyond any newspaper in any country. As a result, internet communication is so current, so informative, and so great such that without internet communication you will be lost in your tech career. Technical writers are increasingly seeing their role expanding due to latest technology available in modern world mainly growth of internet

Major companies have adopted the internet for their technical documentation and online communication rather than traditional marketing methods. The main drivers are low cost, wider reach since the internet has no boundaries, unlimited storage space considering that a single website can display thousands of products at virtually no cost. In addition, constant contact, due to the advent of emails that has slashed the cost and time of communicating with customers. Most of these require technical writing skills to create information required.

Top tech writers on Twitter

1024px-Twitter_Logo_Mini.svg Twitter provides a platform for gauging what is going on in the world and catch rare glance into the mind of influential people and newsmaker. Besides, it provides a platform to spread news, in particular about consumer fields and enterprise. This article gives an incursion of top tech writers you need to follow on Twitter. A great place to start to find a good shot of day-to-day happening in tech sector would be V3 team Twitter list. Further, on a daily basis the following Twitter feeds provide reliable insights about the tech market.

Jason Hope @JasonHope

Jason Hope is a skilled entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is an expert in everything related to digital business, Internet of things, biotechnology, innovations. Jason Hope is a great master of research and in-depth analysis. His advice is helpful to everyone who is willing to start a new business project and gain financial success.

Kara Swisher @karaswisher

Following Kara Swisher of AllThingsD is a good way to stay plugged in, she provide up-to-date, insightful commentary and market analysis on a regular basis. She is a Silicon Valley legend and has more connection than most phone companies, such that if something major breaks in modern technology, she is usually the first to know. It takes commitment and talent to report news as Kara and definitely you should pay attention to her tweets.

Jack Schofield @jackschofield

Jack Scofield spent more than 25 years covering the IT business for The Guardian, and Schofield has seen it all; from the rise of personal computers to the introduction of social media and mobilization. He has predicted significant trends in the market, and he knows a big idea when he spots one. He reflects a very enduring figure in the field and his tweets are reflects these qualities. There is a high chance that you will find his tweets worth reading.